The Path Of The White Butterfly

Imagine you are standing in the midst of a Chinese meadow comprised of different flowering trees, bushes, and grasses with a light breeze blowing.  Above you fly thousands of brightly colored butterflies frolicking on the wind toward a large swarm of butterflies in the distance.

The nine infinity boxes around the room form one continuous Chinese meadow.   Starting in the outermost boxes on each side of the room and working toward the center, the butterflies begin as flower buds on each branch. As they work their way up the branches, they bloom a second time into actual butterflies and fly off into the air to catch the wind that is blowing toward the swarm in the middle of the room.

In the West wall corner box, we follow the white butterfly as it ventures toward the North wall corner box to forge a path through a swarm  heading in the opposite direction; creating a sense that the entire room is the story of the white butterfly as it journeys through the meadow.

Each butterfly is crafted using real butterfly wings, as is each flower bud.  The branches used are an assortment of different real tree trunks and branches that have been painted.  All butterflies used in this installation were raised on butterfly farms around the world and died naturally.

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