Jocelyn Marsh is a Los Angeles based artist whose primary mediums include sculpture and lighting design. Central to her work is the theme that existence springs from the unknown space between death and life, the void that causes mixed emotions throughout humanity. Focusing on the thrilling fact that from nothing comes everything, Marsh celebrates this unknown space imparting upon her work a sense of reverence toward nature.

Marsh began her career in the arts by studying English Literature. Shortly after receiving a bachelor's degree in the subject, Marsh traveled throughout southeast Asia and Europe settling for a time in Brussels, Belgium.  It was there she began cultivating a taste for the unusual and love for architecture and history. In 2003, Marsh returned to Los Angeles where she began exploring mixed media sculpture.

Marsh has partnered with prominent art, architectural and interior design firms to create public and residential artworks. Her first series created in partnership with Studio Collective in Santa Monica, CA was composed of nine infinity mirror boxes originally commissioned by IDG for Chi Lin in Los Angeles, CA. Each box contained part of a spring meadow comprised of gold plated branches, butterfly wing flower buds, and flying butterflies. The artwork transported the viewer to a Chinese meadow giving the sense of being surrounded by flowering trees and thousands of brightly colored butterflies fluttering into another dimension through the effect of the infinity mirrors.

2014 began with the launch of her two Big Blue Whale chandeliers for the newly opened Herringbone at Mondrian in Los Angeles, CA.  Inspired by the largest mammals on Earth, Marsh set out to express her feelings of respect and wonder for these majestic creatures.  The chandeliers are gold-plated and hand-strung with hundreds of feet of gold chain.

From 2016 to 2018, Marsh expanded her scope to include birds, flowers, and outer space rounding out her exploration of nature and further defining her point of view using ever more found and sculpted objects from forests, deserts, and beaches with the Jurien Bay Galaxy infinity mirror, the Herde series, and Bloom, a series of metal plated dried flowers.

2018 brought the introduction of Shoumei, a series of light sculptures. Focused on the inclusion of wood, dried flowers, and precious metals, the work embodies the essence of the forest both above and below the ground.  

Marsh is currently working on a new lighting concept involving hundreds of illuminated porecelain objects to debut later this year.

Jocelyn Marsh lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.