Jocelyn Marsh is a Los Angeles based artist whose mediums include sculpture and sculptural lighting. Central to her work is a celebration of the unknown space between existence and what lies beyond, the mystery that all life springs from.  Marsh focuses on this mystery imparting upon her work a sense of reverence toward nature.

Marsh began her career in the arts by studying English Literature. Shortly after receiving a bachelor's degree in the subject, Marsh traveled throughout southeast Asia and Europe settling for a time in Brussels, Belgium.  It was there she began cultivating a love of nature and architecture as well as a curiosity concerning the boundries between the two. 

Known for her infinity mirror work, Marsh created her first infinity mirror piece, "The Path of the White Butterfly", in 2013.  Comprised of nine infinity mirror boxes depicting a landscape filled with butterflies, it was the first of many explorations into the tension between the natural world and our ever evolving world filled with technology.

Apart from infinity mirror work, Marsh has created an extensive body of sculpture and sculptural lighting that includes works created from wood, plants, precious metals, grown crystals, and procelain that embody the beauty of the entire life cycle, from inception to decay. 

Jocelyn Marsh lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.